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I used to be a processed food junkie with not a lot of get up and go. It wasn’t until I left home and went to University (as a large size 16) that I realised something needed to change. I assumed, like many others, that my parents fed me well and I believed people when they told me I would soon lose my ‘puppy fat’. Anyhow, it turns out that was not the case. Eating a whole lot of processed foods and leading a fairly sedentary lifestyle was my real downfall.

At Uni, I suddenly found I had the freedom to eat what and when I pleased. I tried every fad diet and diet pill on the market and eventually tried a small amount of exercise. I managed to lose some weight to start with but found I was always hungry, tired, irritable and would binge eat with increasing frequency. This was the start of my roller coaster journey.

Following a short spell of ill health, I turned my attention to analyse what I was eating. I also started running. From this point forward, running, exercise and healthy nutrition became my passion.

I discovered that low fat diets are bad news. They are not nutritious and are very high in sugar and chemicals. Your body needs real food (good fats) to function, food which has grown from the ground, from a tree, has flown, run and swam. I have gone back to basics with good old fashioned cooking from scratch and I no longer eat anything processed or from a packet. The changes for me were amazing and I now want to share my knowledge and experiences with YOU.

As a Personal Trainer, my approach now is a combination of healthy/natural nutrition, combined with flexibility, bodyweight training, strength training and High Intensity Interval Training. This has worked for me and all my personal training clients to date, it is proven so why would it not work for YOU???

The exact same techniques I used to get my own life on track are what you’re about to discover with my bespoke Personal Training and Fat Burning. The thing that gets me out of bed every morning, is to deliver these techniques to all the women aged 30+ in Northamptonshire so no one else has to ever suffer the misery and ill health I did. My mission is to make sure you can live your life to the full with confidence and be rewarded with a long, happy and healthy life.

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