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Do you feel intimidated by the thought of walking into a gym? Don't worry, as a mobile Personal Trainer in Northampton, I come to you so you can exercise in the privacy of your own home or we can escape to your local park.

So, if you are ready to:

· Turn your body into a fat burning machine

· Fit into those skinny jeans hanging in the wardrobe

· Have more energy

· Feel confident

· Enjoy working out

· Adopt a healthy, balanced style of eating

· Ditch that gym membership

Contact Helen Ryan Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer Northampton now on 07895 146392 and let's get started

Background And Qualifications

I work largely, though not exclusively, with women who have started to experience changes in their bodies as time goes on and who have the unfounded belief that it is harder to lose weight and get into shape. I provide a clear action plan to enable you to feel comfortable in you own body.

As a more mature woman myself, I know your body no longer PINGs back into shape as easily as it did when you were in your 20s.

Unlike other coaches I am solely dedicated to my clients’ success, nothing else. I don’t force clients into a blueprint that may not suit them just because it worked for someone else. As a result the women I work with directly receive laser focused, specific coaching on how to get the results they desire and deserve, with a combination of Cardio and Resistance Training exercises designed to be enjoyed, coupled with simple nutritional guidelines.